Dice Tower West is dynamic collaboration between Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower and Dave Millette and Timm Metivier of Meeplecon -The Las Vegas Board Game Convention

In 2015 Timm and Dave decided that Las Vegas, the convention capital of the world, should have a local board game convention of its own. MeepleCon started out as a single day convention to test the waters and was held the weekend after GAMA. They were told that board game conventions would not work in Las Vegas, but the first Meeplecon drew over 200 people for that one day event and laid a great foundation.

In 2016, MeepleCon moved to a 3-day format. It also moved to the Eastside Cannery Casino Hotel. It allowed Meeplecon to grow and expand. Several well known people attended the con for the first time ,The Dice Tower and Rahdo. Meeplecon also had some good publishers as well. The convention almost doubled in size.

2017 saw us return to the Eastside Cannery for our 2nd year (3rd year of the con). Attendance continued to improve. The Dice Tower and Ryan Laukat (Red Raven Games) blessed us with their presence and helped make it a special event for all of our attendees.

2018 saw us make some significant improvements to both our badge printing and game library bar-code scanner check out systems. We were pleased to see MeepleCon continue to grow and our exhibitor space still sold well. The Dice Tower returned in 2018 and we cemented our relationship with them. 

2019 promises to be the most exciting year yet as Meeplecon becomes Dice Tower West. In addition to partnering with Dice Tower there are several changes to the convention. The venue is moving to the Westgate Hotel and Casino.  Westgate is a bigger convention space with more amenities. Dice Tower West will be 5 days now and be open 24 hours.

Tom Vasel

Dave Millette

Timm Metivier