Can I bring my own games to play with others?

Yes...If you bring the games that you really like to play, you'll have a good chance of finding others who like the games that you enjoy.


What exactly is a board game convention? 

We are putting together four days of board gaming that will have game dealers, publishers, tournaments and plenty of Learn to Play opportunities. We will be teaching you how to play over 100 different games. There will, of course, also be plenty of open gaming to play whatever you want. Feel free to check out a game from our huge game library or bring some games of your own. There will also be raffles, guest speakers, a trade fair and more.


Is the convention safe for kids? 

Kids are welcome with the understanding that you, being the responsible person, are watching out for their safety.  While board game conventions typically consist of some pretty decent people in general, Dice Tower West is not responsible for watching out for the safety of your own children.


Are the games appropriate for kids? 

This is a very subjective question.  Only you know your child's ability to handle both the content and maturity required to play games. Typically you don't see very young children at board game conventions due to attention spans and the complexity issues, but again only you know what your child can handle.


Will there be food available? 

Food and drinks are not allowed in the convention area.  Various restaurants, cafes, and snack bars are available throughout the property. Food is available 24 hours a day!  

Can I leave and re-enter the Con?

Yes, as long as you're wearing your badge, you can come and go as you like.


Do I need to be a hardcore gamer to have fun? 

No...  Again we will be teaching many games throughout the day. The tournaments will consist of pretty easy to master games.  In addition, many gamers will be there looking for other players to play games with just like you. If you want to play a particular game, then set it out on a open gaming table and put out a "looking for players" signs.  You'll be surprised by how many people will be willing to join you. 


How do I check out games from the Game Library?

Just have your badge scanned at the check out desk

What's the "Board"?

The "Board" is where attendees post pop - up games, teach - ins, or many other things. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the "Board"....... You don't want to miss ANYTHING!