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Update #2

Greetings From Dice Tower West!

We have a few quick announcements.

Online Badge Sales Are Now Open!

Online badge sales for Dice Tower West 2024 are now open for sale. Get your badges now.

The Hotel Room Block Is Now Open!

Listen folks. Our room block is about 1/3 sold out after the first week. Book your rooms early. The Rio is under new management this year. 1)There is no guarantee that we will be able to get any more rooms beyond what we currently have in our room block. 2)There is also no guarantee, if we do get more rooms, that they will be at the same price. Don't take the chance. Book your rooms now.

CardboardEvents is Now Open!

When you register, you will receive a password via the email that you registered with. This will grant you access to your CardboardEvents account (click forgot password if you can't find it). There you will be able to access everything related to Dice Tower West 2024 as each becomes available to access.

  • Notifications and announcements

  • Information pages

  • Submitting your game events for other attendees to join

  • Browsing games from other people for you to join

  • Contests

  • Ticketed Events

  • Play to Wins

  • Joining lobbies to live chat

  • Finding players with similar interests in games and proposing games

  • Private Messaging (coming soon)

  • Volunteering

  • Purchasing merchandise

  • Tracking plays

  • And more.

T-shirts and other merchandise for Dice Tower West 2024 are availablenowon CardboardEvents.

Submitting and/or joining games is not yet active. This feature will be turned on as we get closer to Dice Tower West 2024.

Stay up to date about what is happening at Dice Tower West 2024. Get logged in to today.

Thanks to you, Dice Tower West 2023 was a milestone year for us with over 3,000 gamers in attendance. We hope you join us in making Dice Tower West 2024 even bigger and better than ever before!

DTW 2024

Location: Rio Hotel in Las Vegas

Full Badge (5 Day) Price - $150

Weekend Badge (Fri. - Sun.) Price - $110


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