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Update #4

Greetings From Dice Tower West!

Big Update for October.


We are off to Essen this week with the goal of acquiring as many of the latest, greatest, hottest games as we possibly can. Expect to see some great new games in the Dice Tower West library soon.

Online Badge Sales!

Reminder that online badge sales for Dice Tower West 2024 are now open for sale. If you know you are coming, then get your badges now. It really helps with the planning on our end.

Registration Contest Is Now Open!

We've decided to run a fun little contest for a month. Anyone who has registered for a Dice Tower West badge by midnight on November 5th will be automatically entered into a drawing for some cool DTW prizes! Vendor cash, games and more to be announced later. Winners will be drawn on November 6th and notified via, so get your badges and get logged into to CBE today. Contest disclosure: prizes cannot be transferred, and you must attend to receive.

Hotel Room Block!

Listen folks. Our room block is 67% sold out. We mentioned this before but book your rooms early. The Rio is under new management this year. 1)There is no guarantee that we will be able to get any more rooms beyond what we currently have in our room block. 2)There is also no guarantee, if we do get more rooms, that they will be at the same price. Don't take the chance. Book your rooms now.


Participation forms for our exciting PrototypeCon at Dice Tower West have been posted. If you are interested in prototype games, whether that be designing them or playing them, then we have you covered. Get and/or Give critical feedback that all upcoming designers both need and appreciate. Download the forms to participate here.


Reminder: When you register, you will receive a password via the email that you registered with. This will grant you access to your My.CardboardEvents account (click forgot password if you can't find it). There you will be able to access everything related to Dice Tower West 2024 as each becomes available to access.

  • Notifications and announcements

  • Information pages

  • Submitting your game events for other attendees to join

  • Browsing games from other people for you to join

  • Contests

  • Ticketed Events

  • Play to Wins

  • Joining lobbies to live chat

  • Finding players with similar interests in games and proposing games

  • Private Messaging (coming soon)

  • Volunteering

  • Purchasing merchandise

  • Tracking plays

  • And more.

T-shirts and other merchandise for Dice Tower West 2024 are availablenowon my.CardboardEvents.

Stay up to date about what is happening at Dice Tower West 2024. Get logged in to today.

The Game Submission and Sign-Up System Will Open On November 1st!

Start thinking about the games you really want to get played at Dice Tower West this year. Get ready to start submitting those events on on November 1st, so other people can find your games and join them.

Exhibitor Applications Will Open on October 15th!

Visit for more information when we return from Essen. We will be talking to many potential exhibitors while there.

New Volunteer Applications Will Open on October 15th!

Are you interested in volunteering this year at Dice Tower West? Reach out to for more information about what is involved in the process.

Thanks to you, Dice Tower West 2023 was a milestone year for us with over 3,000 gamers in attendance. We hope you join us in making Dice Tower West 2024 even bigger and better than ever before!

DTW 2024

Location: Rio Hotel in Las Vegas

Full Badge (5 Day) Price - $150

Weekend Badge (Fri. - Sun.) Price - $110

Dice Tower events are the friendliest conventions on earth, so everyone is bound to have a great time...


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